29 Weight Loss Tips for Women from those Who Actually Lost Weight

Weight Loss Tips for Women

Men and women vary in terms of metabolism and other physical factors related to weight management. Hence, weight loss tips for women are often unique and are not always applicable for men. In this post, we are sharing advice to help women in particular deal with weight problems. Worry not guys, some of these tips may work for you too.

The succeeding 29 tips below were lifted from a Slideshare entry but were based from this Cosmopolitan post. These tips were from women who actually lost weight, and that’s 100 pounds or more!

Number one is the first on the list for a reason. Great things start from small beginnings, so they say. It holds true for your weight loss journey too.

weight loss tips for women

Meal Planning for Weight Loss

These three have been grouped together for a reason too. You can still enjoy your old favorites by creating a twist or finding an alternative.

weight loss tips women

#8 is spot on. Replace junk foods with healthier snacks.

weight loss for women

Cooking your own meals lets you choose healthier ingredients. Even salads aren’t always helpful with dieting.

women weight loss tips

More Personal and Practical Advice 

The succeeding three tips are simple but can also make a big difference.

weight loss for women

Try walking around after eating during your lunch break. Some offices even install treadmills or stationary bikes which you can take advantage of.

diet tips for women

The next tips are quite personal. Women who have successfully accomplished weight loss have come up with these ideas. I’m sure you can make up your own too.

how to lose weight for women

Balance is the Key

Sometimes it’s our own choice, whether or not to overeat. Starving yourself isn’t a good idea either. Balance is always the key. Eat for nutrition and not to sustain an addiction.

be responsible for your diet

There is a common misconception that you can eat as much as you want as long as you exercise. Doing so, will even out what you burn or it won’t make a difference at all.

There should be a healthy balance between calorie intake and level of physical activity.

on exercise

Simple but Complete Meal Plan

The diet plan below is simple but complete at the same time as it consists of protein, carbohydrates, fats (healthy ones, that is), and vegetables.

simple diet tips

Grocery Shopping 

Grocery arrangements can help with your weight loss plan as you can easily avoid sections which display foods you need to avoid.

grocery shopping tips for dieting

Cheat Day

Some people even allow a cheat day, not only for food but exercise as well.

weight loss tips women

Motivational Music

There are motivational music you can stream or download online. Music can be powerful for various purposes including productivity, sleep or relaxation, dealing with stress, and even as a motivation to keep on working out.

weight loss tips

More Weight Loss Tips for Women

Here are more bonus tips that are applicable for women (and men too)!

The first image is quite simple. Weight loss as a whole is not that simple though. To expound, eating just fruits and vegetables as well as drinking water isn’t enough. You still need other nutrients which can only be derived from other meals. Likewise, burgers and fries with soft drinks aren’t completely evil in all sense. Everyday in every meal of just these is certainly not going to help either. Anything in moderation is ideal.

simple image on diet

The “fat burning zone” is quite arguable though. Some believe it is a myth and there are interesting explanations why. It’s always best to judge based on research and from expert advice.

simple exercise tip

Here’s one comprehensive weight loss advice in just 6 lines. On the sixth line, dark chocolate supposedly helps suppress cravings.

simple weight loss tips

See dark chocolate on the next image under anti-oxidants?

The rest of the images are more recommended types of food to eat, not only for weight loss purposes but for an overall healthier eating.

food for weight loss

Last but not the least, here are 12 weight loss tips which are practical and simple but can also go a long way.

12 weight loss diet tips

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