21 Amazingly Designed Military Tattoos

Medals Military Tattoos

Military tattoos are most popular among Navy personnel, according to polls and surveys.

You must have noticed that most of our military officers have their tattoos. These remind them of their commitment to their responsibilities. Whether an active service personnel or a reservist, military tattoos are much appreciated by these honorable men who keep us safe at all times.

Although tattoos are good mediums to express beliefs and point of views, military officers need to consider a lot of things before getting one. All the US military branches have set myriad of standards. This is to make sure that all officers will still look presentable. Also, this will serve as their guideline about the standard appearance each unit must have.

Amazing Military Tattoos

Wings and anchor military tattoo
Thy Will Be Done Military Tattoos

Property of US Army

Tag Military Tattoos

Eagle on top of the World with the US Flag

Sword Eagle and Flag Military Tattoos

Remembering the Death of the Heroic Military Men

Remembered Military Tattoos

Not without a Purpose, not without a Fight

Purpose Military Tattoos

A Prayer for Strength and Safety

Prayer Military Tattoos

Peace in Life and Death

Peace in Death Military Tattoos

Saving and Keeping our Nation Safe

Peaceful Sleep Military Tattoos

Live, Laugh, Love

Necklaces Military Tattoos

Brave Military Tattoo

Military Officer Tattoos

American Flag with Tag

Military Flag Tattoos

Pride and Honor to Attain Peace

Medals Military Tattoos

Military Men, ready to Battle all the timeHelicopter and Child Military Tattoos

Fratres Eternum Numquam Seorsum – Brothers eternal never apartFratnes Eternum Military Tattoos

Tattooing a military man’s birth and deathFlags and Dates Military Tattoos

Those who serve deserve honor + respect

Deserve Military Tattoos

Quote for Military TattooConflict Military Tattoos

Army Tag Tattoo

Army Dog Tag Military Tattoo-Sides

Army and US FlagAmerican Flag with Armies Military Photos

Black and White US Flag TattooAmerican Flag Military Tattoos

187 Infantry Division Military TattooAirborne Military Tattoos

Military Tattoo Policies for each Unit

There are different rules each unit has. To explain further:

Navy Tattoo Policy

  • Images of swastikas, gang signs and other tattoo designs that may possibly jeopardize unit cohesion is not allowed.
  • Obscene and explicit designs should never be used.
  • If the military tattoos cannot be covered by the uniform, these are too much and will never be accepted.
  • Having a tattoo on your head, neck, face and arms are against the policy.
  • Cosmetic tattoos are not allowed.
  • Military tattoos should be no larger than your open hand.

Army Tattoo Policy

  • Images and texts that are extremist, indecent, sexist or racist should never be etched on an army’s body parts.
  • Tattoos that are connected to organizations that support extreme behavior and proliferate racism and gender inequality should not be acquired.

Marine Tattoo Policy

  • Racist, vulgar, extremist, sexual, and any form of offensive tattoo is prohibited.
  • Head, neck, hand and finger tattoos are not permitted.
  • Tattoos beyond the uniform should not be bigger than the marine’s hand.
  • Marines who have sleeve tattoos before the provision, although still eligible to acquire merits and promotions, will no longer be eligible for enlisted-to-officer conversion programs, recruiting duty, or Marine Corps Security Guard duty.
  • Tattoo bands are accepted as long as these will not be more than ¼ of the Marine’s arms or legs.

Air Force Tattoo Policy

  • Should not be more than 25% of their exposed body part when wearing uniform.
  • Women are allowed to have cosmetic tattoos.
  • Like other military officers, sexual, racist or vulgar tattoos are not allowed.

As you can see, Marine and Navy Officers have tighter tattoo policies compared to other units. These policies are given to ensure that our adamant military officers will remain respectable and presentable at all times.


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