Military Monday in Action [24 Photos]

Inspiring Military Monday

Hello, Military Monday!

Our honorable military men have surely exerted their best to keep us safe and to maintain our freedom. They are not only skilled and knowledgeable in their chosen path, they are also committed to stay true to their oath. They even have to do some sacrifices just to be able to do their duties and responsibilities for the country and for the people of America.

Being a military is not easy. They do not know what will happen next – will they get bombed by the ISIS, will they lose a limb tomorrow or will they have a peaceful night? Because of these ever-volatile possibilities, they are required to be alert 24/7.

Just imagine how hard it is to be in their situation? They are far away from home, probably missing their child’s birthday or their parent’s burial. But in spite of these, they do not leave their duties and understand the importance of their presence in order to surpass the challenges and successfully win the battle.

Military Monday Photos

That’s why for our Military Monday, we are honoring our beloved military men and women who still had the chance to take a photo while in action. Let’s all see our brave military as they do their duties for United States of America.

Military Monday Pride

Military Monday in Action

Brave Military Monday

Courageous Military Monday

Committed Military Monday

Skilled Military Monday

Fearless Military Monday

Strong Military Monday

Chivalrous Military Monday

Hero Military Monday

Dauntless Military Monday

Valiant Military Monday

Heroic Military Monday

Brilliant Military Monday

Gutsy Military Monday

Energetic Military Monday

Tough Military Monday

Aggressive Military Monday

Fascinating Military Monday6

Incredible Military Monday

Marvelous Military Monday

Extraordinary Military Monday3

Spectacular Military Monday

Inspiring Military Monday

The Best Military Force

These photos have proven the commitment of our forces, just to show their love for their country. They are willing to face death, whether in Afghanistan, Iraq or wherever they will be deployed.

Bombs, guns, aircrafts, uniforms – these protect our chivalrous military officers. They attend trainings and formal studies for years just to be able to master how different equipment work. True enough, the US military remains the best force the world has today. They even have the best equipment other nationalities couldn’t afford.

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