8 Military Habits that will make People know you are in Service


Spotting a soldier in a public area can now be done not just by looking at their physical appearance but also by carefully checking military habits that they are so used to do.

They say that spotting a military in a public place is an easy thing – camouflage shorts and “Affliction” shirt, short and neat haircut, well-built muscles, car decals, unit shirt and hat, camo backpack, and more. These are surely something that a normal military soldier will look like when they are out after being deployed. However, we have some soldiers who would stay out from these common military fashion look and would wear something comfortable and beyond what they used to wear while in their base. If that’s the case, how can you easily spot a military officer? Look for their military habits!

Funny Military Habits our Soldiers Have

Soldiers spend most of their time of the year being deployed.  When they are in military bases, they are obliged to follow strict rules implemented in their chosen unit. These rules become part of their military habits, thus, you can easily spot a soldier through his actions.

Walking Fast

Military officers walk fast, as if they are in a battle. So in case you spot someone who looks like he’s in a hurry, but not really, he’s probably a soldier who couldn’t let go of his military habit.

Military Habits


If you see someone standing while his thumbs are on his belt or has crossed arms and not leaning against anything, then that, my dear, is probably a soldier.

Military Habits

Sleeping Anywhere

In the battlefield, our soldiers need to sleep to regain their energy. Unfortunately, there are instances where they have no choice but to  sleep on anywhere they can – on the grass, beside the armored van, on top of the tree (not joking at all), that is why they were able to master the skill of sleeping anywhere.

Military Habits

Scanning the Crowd

If you see someone scanning the crowd, you have two choices – that person has a plan or he’s a military officer checking suspicious individuals.

Military Habits

Military Jargons

“Roger” and “negative” are just a few of the many military jargons that you might wanna watch out if you are trying to spot a soldier.

Military Habits

Polite Manners

Our officers are trained to be polite no matter who they are speaking with. You’ll hear them say sir and ma’am and do act of kindness along the way.

Military Habits


Yeah, dreadlocks and long hair is not part of their fashion sense.

Military Habits

Eating Fast

Although it is so nice to have the chance to enjoy all the flavors of what you eat, military officers cannot do that when they are in their bases.

Military Habits

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