72 Detox Drink Recipes

Detox Drink Recipes

While you can’t rely upon detox drink recipes to wash away an overall unhealthy lifestyle, there are still numerous benefits you can derive from such drinks. These include body cleansing particularly of internal organs, weight loss, and even as a beauty regimen.

Lemon Cucumber Water

Let’s start the show with the most common recipe and it’s variations; lemon.

usual cucumber lemon

Orange is added here; above is ginger

lemon cucumber water

Grapefruit Group

The previous included orange, this one below uses grapefruit with the usual lemon-cucumber combination.

cucumber lemon grapefruit

Here’s grapefruit with peppermint, ginger, lime, and the common lemon-cucumber pair.


Grapefruit is combined with apple cider vinegar. ACV is also popular for its metabolism properties. Scroll down below for a section dedicated for more ACV mixes.


ACV and grapefruit (or orange) with honey and pineapple.


More Lemon Variations

Fancy names eh?

lemon ginger zinger

Four types of juices, including lemon ginger zinger

juice options

More fancy combination detox juices

detox juices

This one’s called Golden Detox. It includes Stevia, cayenne and turmeric, apart from the usual lemon. Infusion also involves hot water instead of cold ones.


What makes the next one fancy is the addition of spearmint and ginger on top of the usual lemon-cucumber mix.


Here’s one with kale and apple on the other hand; combined, still with the usual lemon-cucumber mix.

kale and apple, lemon-cucumber

Cucumber Water Variations

Like lemon, cucumber is also a common ingredient for weight loss drinks.

flat belly juice

Cucumber combined with green watermelon

cucumber and green watermelon

Cucumber with apple and more

Cucumber with apple and more

Why Cucumber?

This explains why cucumber is one of the best ingredients used for detox drinks.


Yet another cucumber-lemon combination

cucumber lemon

Here’s both cucumber and lemon combinations


Weight Loss Drinks

These have more ingredients than the usual lemon combinations.

fat flush

More detox water ideas with several ingredients included

detox water

Someone posted this from their T-Mobile phone

tried and tested combinations

Cinnamon Detox Water

Cinnamon is also known to help with weight loss.

Cinnamon detox waterThis one’s cinnamon with apple.

apple cinnamon water

Cinnamon mixed with strawberry and lime

strawberry, cinnamon, lime

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple and cinnamon are also commonly combined. This one utilizes apple cider vinegar instead.

apple cider vinegar

Another ACV recipe with lemon, cinnamon, and honey

apple cider mix

Cinnamon and honey alone works wonders too.


Someone even created a personalized detox drink with ACV, lemon and other ingredients

personalized daily detox

Infused Water

It’s still the same as detox water.

infused water

This image even adds informational trivia about infused water.

detox or infused water

While the next is an infographic showing various options you can follow when infusing water with fruits and more.


More fat flush water ideas

fat flush water

Infused water using fruits as main ingredients.



Detox Smoothies

Refreshing smoothie drinks is next.

detox smoothie

Apple, cucumber and cilantro

apple cucumber cilantro

A quick green detox comprised of both fruits and veggies.


Green Smoothies

Green is clean like the smoothies above

green detox smoothie

Another green smoothie

green smoothie

One more combination of various greens.


Non-Green Smoothie

Minty lime detox smoothie

Minty lime detox smoothie

This one’s from popular personal trainer Jillian Michaels

jillian michaels recipe

Smoothie Guides

Here’s an infographic with variations of smoothie ingredients.

smoothie ingredient variations

Another green smoothie guide

green smoothie

This guide combines various greens including fruits and vegetables.


More Smoothie Combinations

An ultimate list of smoothie options

green smoothie guide

And here’s one more

daily smoothie plan

Juice Cleanse Diets

Detoxify through juice diets that are designed to last for several days.

3 day juice cleanse

Here’s another 3-day juice cleanse guide

3 day juice cleanse

72-hour detox options

3 day juice cleanse

3-Day Detox Plans

A 3-day juice plan

3-day detox cleanse

This plan incorporates supplements and additives alongside the actual juice drinks.

3-day detox

More Body Cleanse Combinations

How about a full day’s juice schedule?

juice ideas

Another daily drink regimen mixture

body cleanse

No mention of the need to drink daily but it’s definitely a good addition to the list.

green juice recipe

More Daily Drink Plans

This plan is for 4 days

4-day cleanse

While this juicing plan lasts for three days, with 6 juices per day.

3-day juicing plan

And four easy juicing recipes you can further alternate daily

juicing recipes

Dr. Oz Detox Cleanse

The succeeding variations are from Dr. Oz’s recipe.

dr. oz cleanse diet

Still Dr. Oz’s plan

dr. oz 3-day detox cleanse

Let me also include this standalone Dr. Oz drink to this group

dr. oz slimdown

Dr. Oz Week or Weekend Plan

Here’s another Dr. Oz plan which is good for a week.

dr oz one week meal plan

The recipe below is for the weekend; it is similar to the 3-day variety, and can be completed during a non-busy weekend.

dr. oz weekend

Seasonal Mix

Autumn abundant ingredients are used here.

autumn detox

They look the same, don’t they?

detox juice

Another colorful combination; it’s actually the common cucumber-lemon mix made livelier by the presence of carrots.


Tea Combinations

Tea can be infused with fruits

green tea with watermelon

Most specially green tea

green tea infused water

Additional Tea Options

Green tea is more common. Have you heard of turmeric tea?

turmeric tea

Aside from turmeric, cinnamon and ginger can also be used

tea detox

Beauty Detox

How about drinks for healthier hair, skin and nails?

hair, skin, nails detox

Although turmeric and grapefruit are both known for metabolism properties, I will not vouch for this recipe’s claim on cellulite burning. It’s worth a try but do so with discretion and only scientific (no sales based claims) expectation in mind.

cellulite burner

How about against stress? It always affects your overall look.

stress relieving drink

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