Top 10 Countries with the Highest Military Budget

United States Highest Military Budget

Countries from all over the world A military unit is an integral part of a nation as it provides their first line of defense against assailants who would like to impose harm. This will help deter potential aggressors, and in case the deterrence fails, they are obliged to fight and win wars.

Because of their importance, a lot of nations put a substantial amount of budget to ensure that these heroic men are supported at all times. They do understand that a formidable military can provide abundant diplomatic and economic dividends. In fact, United States’ strong military force has led them towards global greatness over the century.

Every military officer has sworn an oath to “support and defend” their country at all times. Their lives are put at risk almost 24/7, especially that they do not know when assailants will attack them. They do deserve to get good support, which includes good equipment to ensure that they can execute immediate actions.

Countries with the Highest Military Budget

We have gathered some data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Let us show you the countries with the highest military budget.
Highest Military Budget

10. South Korea – $36.4 Bn.

South Korea Highest Military Budget

9. Germany – $39.4 Bn.

Germany Highest Military Budget

8. Japan – $40.9 Bn.

Japan Highest Military Budget

7. France – $50.9 Bn.

France Highest Military Budget

6. India – $51.3 Bn.

India Highest Military Budget

5. United Kingdom – $55.5 Bn.

United Kingdom Highest Military Budget

4. Russia – $66.4 Bn.

Russia Highest Military Budget

3. Saudi Arabia – $87.2 Bn.

Saudi Arabia Highest Military Budget

2. China – $215 Bn.

China Highest Military Budget

1. United States – $597 Bn.

United States Highest Military Budget

Military – Providing Assistance to the Civilians

Nobody likes war, however, we cannot control what may transpire these days. Bombings and other various attacks from terrorists are prevalent these days. We rely to our country’s military force to ensure that we are safe as they are always ready to protect us at all times.

Take note, a strong and well-equipped military force is the backbone of a powerful country.

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