25 Must Know Military Trivia Facts

Military Trivia Facts

While most of us agree on one thing – that active military personnel as well as veterans deserve our gratitude for their service, there’s more to their heroism. These military trivia facts we’ve gathered from various sources will definitely let you learn a thing or two about our heroes. Some information are definitely good topics whenever meaningful conversations arise while some truth served are worth our attention.

US Presidents in the Military

Let’s start with facts about presidents who have served in the military.

us presidents in the military trivia

Here’s a more expounded version:

us presidents in the military trivia

It’s quite interesting that only one among presidents who have served in the military, did not become an officer.

us presidents in the military trivia

US Army

The army was tasked to explore and map America.

military mapping and exploration

Coast Guard

The Coast Guard versus drugs

coast guard

US Marines

Semper fedelis means “always faithful” or “always loyal.”

us marines motto

US Navy

Some trained sea lions and dolphins are part of the Marines too!

us navy marine mammal program

The US Navy still makes use of wooden ships for a certain purpose.

US Navy wood ships

The Navy’s bell bottom browsers.

bell bottom trousers

US Air Force

Ray Ban finds its roots in the US Army Air Corps

Ray Ban origin

The Missing Man fly-by salute for fallen Air Force personnel

the missing man

The Lockheed F117 Nighthawk

The Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk

American Civil War

The deadliest war in the US Army history ever.

american civil war

World War II

Swastika was once used by the US Army.

swastika in the US Army

Here’s a comparison of fuel used during WWII against modern consumption.

fuel used during WWII versus today

Veteran Suicide

The suicide rate is higher for veterans compared with civilian suicide.

risk factors for veteran suicide

It’s interesting to note that suicide is more common among older veterans, who have not seen recent wars.

veteran suicides

It’s the same scenario for female veterans compared with civilian women.

female veteran suicide

Veterans Affairs

The Veterans Affairs responds to the suicide problem.

veterans affairs employees

Department of Defense

Enormous land owned by the DoD!

department of defense lands

The DoD also employs the most number of employees compared with private companies.

DoD employees

More Military Trivia

Condom can be used for emergencies.

condom in the military

Tom Cruise and the Top Gun movie

tom cruise movie top gun

Coins are not allowed in military bases.

no coins on military base

A secret, silent type of Velcro is used for military uniforms.

silent type of velcro

These trivia were lifted from the following resources, as researched by our colleague Diana. Read her posts are on this page.








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