20 Heartwarming Military Father and Child Photos

Military Father Nicholas Kane and Child Photo

We have collected heartwarming military and child photos that show how well-loved these fathers are in spite of being away from their families for months or even years. These children surely understands their fathers’ situation and still hug them wholeheartedly whenever they are given chances.

Being away from your military father can be painful. There are possibilities that he will not be around during your first day of school, birthdays, recitals, and other special moments of your life. However, it doesn’t mean he loves you less. If given a chance, he would surely love to be with you and celebrate all your progress. But because of his duties and responsibilities for the country, there are some sacrifices that he has to make.

Military Father and Child Photos that will Melt your Heart

Military fathers ensure that they make their children feel loved even if they are miles apart. In spite of how tired they were during the battles they had to face, coming home is something they always look forward to. Each journey is made special – surprises are well-planned! Here are some amazing militaries who did great in doing their obligations as fathers.

Here are some heartwarming military father and child photos as they reunite once again.

Air Force dad Chris Crafton finally had the chance to attend her daughter’s graduation day!

Military Father Chris Crafton and Child Photo

Senior Airman Christian Clauson now understands the feeling of leaving a child, just like what his father, a reputable military, used to feel.

Military Father Christian Clauson with Child

Tech Sgt. David Opperman was finally reunited with the four ladies in his life.

Military Father David Opperman and Child Photo

Army Specialist Eric Espinosa has finally met his 4-year-old daughter for the first time at the SeaWorld Orlando’s Shamu Stadium.

Military Father Eric Espinosa and Child Photo

Autumn got her special Christmas gift upon seeing her military dad, National Guard Sgt. George Gazeley, after almost a year of being deployed.

Military Father George Gazeley and Child Photo

Staff Sgt. James Frey surprised daughter Samantha while being honored during a Military Child Month ceremony in the Iowa Capitol.

Military Father James Frey and Child Photo

Air Force Staff Sgt. Amanda MacFarlane followed her father’s, Tech Sgt. James MacKay, footsteps.

Military Father James MacKay and Child Photo

Madeleine was enjoying a dance with her handsome father Staff Sgt. Jeremy Hefner.

Military Father Jeremy Hefner and Child Photo

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jose Garcia finally arrived home after 4 years to attend his daughter’s High School graduation.

Military Father Jose Garcia and Child Photo

Pennsylvania Air National Guardsman Kevin Curcio hugged his son tight after surprising him at his Social Studies classroom at Indian Crest Junior High School.

Military Father Kevin Curcio and Child Photo

Naval Air Crewman Luigi Caprio and daughter Carson was making funny faces at the photo booth during the Third Annual Father Daughter Military Ball in Virginia Beach.

Military Father Luigi Caprio with Child Photo

Petty Officer First Class Manuel Ortiz is getting warm hugs from his beautiful daughters.

Military Father Manuel Ortiz and Child Photo

Maj. Michael Sterrett, a 17-year Army veteran, surprised his daughter in Tulsa school.

Military Father Michael Sterrett and Child Photo

Mikala with her favorite dance partner/daddy Chief Petty Officer Nicholas Kane.

Military Father Nicholas Kane and Child Photo

U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Richard Davis surprised Stephanie, his daughter, during her graduation ceremony at Syosset High School.

Military Father Richard Davis with Child Photo

Photobombing kids’ photo with Santa, Navy Officer Rob Stella surely surprised everyone!

Military Father Rob Stella with Child Photo

Sergeant Sedale Benjamin headed to his daughter’s school to immediately get a hug from his daughter Nevaeh.

Military Father Sedale Benjamin and Child Photo

Spc. Josh McCollum and daughter enjoyed their dance during the annual Military Father Daughter Dance, April 5, 2014.

Military Father Josh McCollum and Child Photo

Staff Sgt. Brett Randall surprised his daughter at her Children’s Christmas Review dance recital. Randall was able to return home early after being deployed to Afghanistan.

Military Father Brett Randall and Child Photo

Specialist Travis Pacheco surprised his daughter Abby because he wanted to have lunch with her at school.

Military Father Travis Pacheco and Child Photo

Appreciate the Efforts of your Military Father

Keep in mind all the hardships and struggles your military father has to go through in order for him to become a good family provider and a respectable soldier that saves our country during tough times. The time that he will spend with you is limited, so make sure that you shower him with love and affection. Let him know how much you appreciate his efforts. Hug and kiss him as much as you can, because the painful truth is, you won’t know if he will be home breathing the next time.

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